Will Vaccination Proof Be Required at BC Events?

With the announcement that Tulane, Oregon and Oregon State will require either proof of vaccination or a negative COVID test as a requirement to attend home sporting events, it begs the question of where Boston College stands on this.

The University of Hawaii has already stated that no fans will attend their home opener on September 5 against Portland State due to an uptick in cases on the island.

Based on the University wide mandate for students to be vaccinated, it would seem a natural extension for activities the size of home football games to run under a similar set of rules.

Will Boston College require documentation to attend events? Would the administration's decision in either way impact your choice of attending a football or other event on campus?

I have to say that as spring tumbled into summer, the thought started crossing my mind around where BC would go on this subject, along with the thought of whether at some point, fans might no longer be allowed into games if cases continue to increase locally.