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ACC video highlights candidates for best BC football player ever

Florida State v Boston College Photo by Omar Rawlings/Getty Images

The ACC Digital Network has been putting out highlight videos leading up to the season reflecting on the candidates for each school’s greatest player of all-time.

Obviously these debates tend to begin and end with Doug Flutie at BC, and few would dispute that, but it’s fun to see who else made the ACC’s list and look back at some of their highlights:

The players listed in this video:

-Doug Flutie. Obviously.

-Mathias Kiwanuka. Great to see a defensive player highlighted in something like this; hard to overstate what an impact he had on a very fun era of BC football from 2002-2005. A great BC man.

-Matt Ryan. Also obviously. Some nice clips here of him dropping dimes, including an underappreciated great touchdown pass deep to Georgia Tech early in the 2007 season, as well has his famous game-winning TD at Clemson.

-Luke Kuechly. To this day, Kuechly to me is the player who, when I watched him live, most stood out as, ‘wow, this guy is just so much better than everyone around him.’ A force of nature.

-AJ Dillon. Some nice highlights here of his long runs en route to a BC record 4,382 rushing yards.

Obviously this list includes quite a bit of recency bias and it’s probably not a coincidence that other than Flutie, everyone else played in the ACC era, given who produced the video.

I’m sure some of the fans here can come up with some great old-timer candidates, like Don Allard, Mike Holovak, or “Chuckin’ Charlie” O’Rourke.

As an Elder Millennial, I’ll also give a shoutout to some great o-linemen from the relative “glory days” we witnessed, like Damien Woody, Gosder Cherilus, and Anthony Castonzo.

Who else is missing from this list for you?