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How Boston College Football Can Defeat Alabama in 10 Years

Spoiler alert: it’s a looooong shot

Notre Dame v Boston College Photo by Maddie Meyer/Getty Images

It was announced this morning that Boston College and Alabama have scheduled a home-and-home series in football for 2031 and 2034. If the teams played this season, there’d be no question who would be the overwhelming favorite. But is there anything Boston College can do in the next 10 years to narrow the gap and declare victory in Chestnut Hill in 2031? Let’s at least entertain the thought...

Start winning now

If beating Bama is even a remote possibility (it barely is), then the BC football team has to start winning now. No less than 8 wins per season. You’ll need to see this program strapped to a rocket ship so they can start recruiting well enough in the 2027 cycle to compete with Alabama in 2031. Anything short of that? The recruiting and coaching talent will not be attracted enough to come here.

Land top New England recruits

BC has to start protecting its turf. Not many big-time recruits come out of New England, but there are at least a few 4-stars and occasionally the 5-star that will come out of MA or CT. In recent history, teams from outside the region, especially B1G teams and Notre Dame, have grabbed those top New England guys away because BC simply couldn’t compete. That needs to change if there’s going to be any competition with Bama in 10 years. BC needs to lock down the majority of top New England recruits (including New Jersey and the Northeast generally would help too), and improve their recruiting overall to a great degree. Coach Jeff Hafley has already shown some promise on the recruiting trail, but it needs to be amped up to 11, in combination with a winning football program, in order to get the talent that won’t get embarrassed at Alumni stadium.

Upset Clemson (or FSU?) at least twice

The ACC Atlantic is one of the more unfortunate divisions to be stuck in for college football. Competing with perennial powerhouse Clemson, alongside FSU who may eventually come back to the national prominence they had only a few years ago, is very tough. BC needs to prove it can hold its own and upset big time programs in order to get better bowl games, gain higher prestige, get better recruits, and get that big-game experience.

Hire Dabo Swinney

Dabo Swinney is one of the few coaches who has actually gotten this done. If you offer him, say, $20M per year for 10 years, is he really gonna turn that down? For reference, he makes just under $9M per year at Clemson. Pony up the cash and BC immediately becomes a threat! Father Leahy, are you reading this?

A bit more seriously though, Jeff Hafley, or his immediate successor if Hafley leaves for a bigger program, had better be legit. Not only does the recruiting have to improve, but the coaching has to be of very high quality in order to compete with Alabama.

Force Nick Saban to retire as soon as possible

Ok so there’s definitely not any serious dirt on this guy, otherwise Auburn and Georgia fans would’ve been way ahead of us in exposing him and forcing an early retirement. So we need a creative way in which to force him out of his current job as soon as possible so that Alabama’s program will (maybe) start taking a (slight) downturn. Personally I was thinking of doing something along the lines of the plot of the movie Inception, where we invade Saban’s dreams and convince him that he wants to leave and prove himself elsewhere. Got any other ideas? Leave em in the comments.

Get BC’s rich boosters to pay lots of players

Look, we all know BC isn’t going to outspend Alabama in this department. But as NIL laws advance and top college football players are going to be compensated even more aggressively than before, there will need to be some big swings at recruits if you want to have any chance at competing with a program like Alabama. And they don’t even have to be the 5-stars, plenty of 4-star recruits will gladly take the money too and will be a lot easier to snag. So exploit those loopholes! And then blow past those loopholes and just break some rules! Give them hundreds of thousands of dollars for one autograph! Worship the ground those high school seniors walk on!


There’s a miniscule chance that a majority of the above happens, and it probably still won’t be enough even if it does. A victory over the Crimson Tide also requires sheer luck. So if this is something you want, I urge you to keep BC football in your prayers for the next 10 years and hope that by some miracle the Eagles can pull it off.