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BC Interruption’s 2021 Female Fan Favorite Player is Cara Urbank

2021 NCAA Division I Women’s Lacrosse Championship Photo by Patrick Smith/Getty Images

There were many great options to choose from this season, but the 2020-21 Female Fan Favorite voted on by our staff is women’s lacrosse grad student Cara Urbank. The other fan favorite nominees this year were Urbank’s teammate Rachel Hall, women’s hockey player Cayla Barnes, volleyball’s Jewel Strawberry, and softball’s Ellie Mataya.

A longtime leader for the Eagles, Urbank doesn’t get as much media hype as Tewaaraton winner Charlotte North, but she was just as vital to BC’s success this season. Urbank has been a member of every Boston College team to make the Final Four, and she truly deserved to finally win that trophy.

Urbank was second on the team in points this season (behind North) with 82. She had 39 goals on the season, an impressive total, but where she really shines as a player is creating plays and setting her teammates up for goals. She led the Eagles with 43 assists, averaging 2.05 assists per game for the 4th best average in the ACC.

Urbank was only without a goal in 3 games this season, and even in those games she got on the scoresheet by assisting her teammates on goals.

Her steady presence for BC over the years and her unselfish style of play are what make 2021 National Champion Cara Urbank our fan favorite this year.