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Boston College’s Sal Frelick wins first Gold Glove in school history

The centerfielder continues to be a star for BC Baseball

Boston Red Sox Summer Camp Workout Photo by Billie Weiss/Boston Red Sox/Getty Images

Today it was announced that the ABCA coaches committee voted to award Boston College centerfielder Sal Frelick a Gold Glove. He is the first ever Boston College player to be given this award since its inception in 2007.

Frelick was the ACC defensive player of the year, as he started every game this season at centerfield and was 100% perfect all season. Lots of highlight-reel catches showcased his talents this year in a BC Baseball season that was very promising but turned out to be a bit of a dispaointment, as the Eagles fell to 21-28 this year after starting out a hot 9-2 and in the top-25. Nonetheless, Sal Frelick was a star on both sides of the ball this year and this award is well-deserved. Not only did he dominate play in centerfield this year, but he was also instrumental on offense in games like the huge comeback against Auburn early in the season. Congratulations, Sal!

Take a look at his skills: