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BC Interruption’s Game of the Year is the 2021 Women’s Lacrosse Championship

2021 NCAA Division I Women’s Lacrosse Championship Photo by Patrick Smith/Getty Images

Boston College has had a number of close calls for NCAA title contention over the past decade, but none of them were able to break through until the women’s lacrosse team defeated the Syracuse Orange in the NCAA title game. That title game is BC Interruption’s game of the year, edging out the tournament semifinal against North Carolina, and men’s hockey’s double overtime loss to UMass Lowell in the Hockey East tournament semifinal.

The game represented a breakthrough. For one, it was a culmination of a number of close calls over the past few years. BC found its way to the tournament final, but it was always the same refrain- the Eagles were a good ball club that just fell a little short.

It was a refrain that existed across sports- lest we forget the number of close calls BC has had with its hockey programs, both men and women.

The tournament final changed that. For the first time in nine years, BC had a NCAA championship to call its own, and it felt like a win that was a long time coming.