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BC Interruption’s Play of the Year is Charlotte North’s Record Breaking Goal

2021 NCAA Division I Women’s Lacrosse Championship Photo by Patrick Smith/Getty Images

Charlotte North made history this season, breaking the NCAA single-season record for goals scored. Her record breaking goal is BC Interruption’s play of the year. The play beat out Brandon Sebastian’s 99 yard scoop and score against Clemson, Drew Helleson’s OT winner against BU and any of the 11 saves Rachel Hall made against North Carolina (and there were some good ones in there).

The play itself is remarkable for two reasons. First of all, the absolute power behind Charlotte North’s shot is quite impressive. She fooled the goalie and overpowered her, beating her on a tough angle. Even if the goalie had a beat on the shot, the shear power of it may have rendered it a moot point.

But it was impressive for another reason. For the last few years, starting with the 2017 women’s championship, BC has rapidly tried to justify a place among the sport’s blue bloods. It means something that the record holder for goals scored in a season is a BC player. It’s unclear if the record will be broken, it’ll be something we will have to wait and see on, but whoever will be chasing it will be chasing a BC player, not North Carolina, not Maryland, not any other of the traditional blue bloods. That’s ours.