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Today I learned there’s a website dedicated to defending BC’s claim of a 1940 football championship

I have to admit that as a Boston College athletics obsessive for about 15 years now, I thought I had uncovered every nook and cranny of the BC sports internet. Historic football rosters, treasure troves of Beanpot photos and game stories, old chats with GDF, and message boards from the pre-social media era... I’ve dug through it all.

Or so I thought.

Upon doing some research into where Acacia Walker-Weinstein stands in BC history following her lacrosse championship, I referenced BC’s disputed 1940 football title; that led me to Google some facts about the team. At that point I discovered that there is, in fact, an entire website dedicated to providing documentation and research substantiating BC’s claim to the title.

Check it out here.

The site is a project of CSOM professor David Twomey, a renowned national expert in labor law who also appears to have extensive interest in the 1940 football Eagles. Twomey put together contemporaneous media reports and research to bolster the claim to the title after the 2015 book on the history of Boston College dismissed the football title as an “untrue” champion, hailing the 1949 men’s hockey team as the school’s first championship.

To be clear, I have no strong opinion on whether or not the 1940 title was a “real” one. Despite what some of my friends might think, I was, in fact, not around in 1940; all I know is that BC had a great team, they went undefeated and won the Sugar Bowl, and as there was no real national championship at the time, BC had the right to claim it along with any other undefeated, untied, bowl-winning team.

I am aware that the generally acknowledged listings of national champions from sources like the AP poll do not list BC as one of the 1940 champions, with Minnesota and Stanford staking the claim from major sources.

That said, Professor Twomey presents a series of appendices and documents contemporaneous to the 1940 season seeking to validate BC’s claim.

As an obsessive, I appreciate the completist nature of this website and thought I would share it with all of you.

The site and the conversation it fostered does raise some interesting questions about how BC should recognize the 1940 team as part of its history. There is a 1940 Sugar Bowl banner hanging in Alumni Stadium, but no reference in the stadium even to a claimed national championship.