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Boston College Football Premieres New Adidas Uniforms

Clean? Or lame?

Today at 7pm, Boston College showed off their new football threads for next season.

These uniforms are brand new as a result of the new Adidas deal BC made for their football program this summer, after being with Under Armour since 2009. The rest of Boston College Athletics will be repping New Balance in their upcoming seasons due to a separate deal made with that brand.

What do you think of the new uniforms? They definitely take on a more retro look than the primaries previously made by Under Armour. Though BC was wearing UA throwbacks a lot in the past couple years, and these uniforms are much more similar to those. The first thing to notice is the full embrace of the throwback BC block logo. That, alongside the gold outlines on the numbers and very basic style, make these uniforms simple yet effective. Adidas didn’t try to break any ground because they didn’t need to. Fans, especially those who loved UA’s throwbacks, will be very pleased with this design.

It’ll also be interesting to see how this design ends up meshing with the branding and design of basketball, hockey, and all other BC sports apparel being made by New Balance. We can assume they’ll try to match each other somewhat, but will NB go full retro like Adidas? Or will they switch it up and go modern instead? And will the italics BC be gone forever?

Here are some more looks in still image form: