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Boston College football to announce apparel deal with Adidas

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Louisville v Boston College Photo by Maddie Meyer/Getty Images

Not long after Boston College announced a lucrative deal with New Balance to outfit its non-football teams, BC is set to officially announce today that they have signed a deal with Adidas to be the apparel sponsor for the football team, as reported this morning by The Athletic’s Matt Fortuna.

This makes BC the only program in FBS with a football-only apparel deal.

Quotes from Jeff Hafley and Pat Kraft are behind the Athletic paywall, so subscribe and check those out (or wait for BC’s official release later today), but one key quote from Kraft:

“It’s a brand refresh, and with that comes a new energy. We can really look at it now as having a second-year head coach and a rebrand of our program, which gives us a fresh new look.”

The image the Athletic tweeted with their story appears to potentially be a teaser of something that will come out as part of the Adidas release:

This strongly hints that the throwback/block logo will continue to be front and center, as it has in recent years under Under Armour - but perhaps with the new deal we will see the end of the Italics once and for all.

Most importantly, it sounds like this is going to end up giving BC a best-of-all-worlds apparel deal: a brand with cache on the recruiting trail for football, a significant increase in the amount of gear and amount of resources coming in as part of the apparel deal; and a local brand in New Balance ready to go big in supporting BC’s non-football sports.

The only real question mark at this point is how New Balance will play on the basketball scene as they try to grow their basketball presence. But everything else right now is looking pretty ideal - especially if we get that brand refresh and keep a classic jersey look.

Look for more updates on this via BC athletics later today, based on a tweet by Jason Baum.