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Massachusetts will allow 100% capacity at stadiums in time for football season

Wake Forest v Boston College Photo by Maddie Meyer/Getty Images

The Commonwealth of Massachusetts announced an updated timeline for COVID guidelines yesterday, setting August 1 as the date when stadiums and other large venues can operate at 100% capacity.

While the powers that be likely had the Patriots in mind when setting a date, this is obviously ideal timing for Boston College, as team sports tend to start up in August, and the Eagles will have their football home opener on September 4 against Colgate.

Boston College has been marketing its season ticket renewals and sales for months and operating under the hope and assumption of full capacity, and with this confirmation will now be able to look forward to welcoming fans for the first time in the Jeff Hafley era - and hopefully being able to successfully build off energy around the program and put big crowds in the stands. BC has advertised lower prices for season tickets this year, including a new special $50 season ticket for children 13 and younger.

All Boston College events are subject to the particular whims of the Boston and Newton boards of health and licensing boards, so we can’t quite say with 100% certainty if the tailgating and concessions scene will be fully back to normal right away, but the good news is, if you have your favorite seat at Alumni Stadium, you know you’ll be able to sit there.

129 days... but who’s counting.