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Boston College Coaches React to New Balance Deal

NCAA Football: Notre Dame at Boston College Matt Cashore-USA TODAY Sports

Earlier this afternoon, Boston College released coach reactions to the uniform deal with New Balance that was announced this morning. Obviously since these are public, official BC statements, they’re all positive, but let’s take a look at some standout quotes!

Women’s basketball coach Joanna Bernabei-McNamee pointed to the “high quality and comfort” of New Balance’s sneakers and casual wear, and noted that the best part of the new partnership will be “players having a part of the innovation, development, and design of the apparel they will wear for both practice and competition.”

Similarly, BC’s newest coach, men’s basketball’s Earl Grant, expressed excitement that “we won’t just be part of this deal - we will be partners.” Like McNamee, Grant spoke about the fact that Boston College student-athletes will be able to work with New Balance to influence the designs they will be wearing.

Men’s hockey coach Jerry York kept things short and sweet, focusing on the fact that New Balance is a Boston-based brand, while women’s hockey coach Katie Crowley hit on the fact that New Balance and the attached Warrior Ice Arena understand the importance of hockey.

York also mentioned New Balance chairman and Bostonian Jim Davis as a positive of the partnership, a point that was echoed by women’s cross country & track and field coach Randy Thomas.

Lacrosse coach Acacia Walker-Weinstein mentioned her excitement about New Balance as an emerging brand in the lacrosse world, as well as the fact that she feels the brand “epitomizes the Boston mentality.”

Baseball’s Mike Gambino singled out New Balance as an “elite baseball brand” and softball’s Amy Kvilhaug expressed excitement for “the amount of additional gear that [players] will be provided along with having the opportunity to be part of the innovation, development, and design of the apparel they will wear.”

Other notable quotes include skiing’s Chuck Carmone praising the fact that his team will now have access to “dryland training right down the road”, women’s soccer coach Jason Lowe pointing to New Balance’s presence in the soccer world with “Champions League clubs like FC Porto and athletes like Rose Lavelle”, and many other coaches repeating their excitement that players will have the ability to provide uniform feedback.