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Jim Molinari is reportedly hired to the Boston College Men’s Basketball staff

An assistant with 20 years of DI experience

NCAA Basketball: Notre Dame at Boston College Paul Rutherford-USA TODAY Sports

It was reported today that BC basketball will hire Jim Molinari from Oklahoma’s staff, making Boston College’s third coaching hire since Earl Grant took charge.

Molinari has 20 years of experience as a head coach at the Division I level and has been an assistant at Nebraska and Oklahoma since 2014. As head coach, he made 2 NCAA tournament appearances, in 1991 with Northern Illinois and 1996 with Bradley.

The previous two hires made to Earl Grant’s staff, Chris Markwood and Anthony Goins, have promising resumes when it comes to recruiting the Northeast, but were heavily lacking coaching experience at an ACC or similar level. Molinari is the perfect hire to fill that hole. He brings a ton of coaching experience to a relatively young staff. He’s coached in the B1G or Big 12 for 9 total years as an assistant and 1 season as an interim head coach for Minnesota.

Pat Kraft and Earl Grant have built a well-rounded coaching staff to take them into the next era of Boston College basketball. It obviously still remains to be seen if that turns into success on the court, but they’ve addressed their assistant coaching needs with 3 solid hires. Two young guys who know the Northeast recruiting landscape, and one older guy who has the experience to develop recruits into quality basketball players. Our friends over at Oklahoma seem to think this was a good hire too: