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Boston College baseball completes mind-boggling comeback to beat Auburn 11-9


In a turn of events that is almost impossible to comprehend - and still feels fake even as I type it out- #18 Boston College baseball rallied from a 9-1 deficit WITH TWO OUTS IN THE NINTH INNING!!! to beat #25 Auburn 11-9 in extra innings.

The win handed BC a series victory over a quality SEC opponent, taking 2-of-3 on the weekend, but let’s talk more about how BC was down 9-1 WITH TWO OUTS IN THE NINTH INNING.

Here is the link to the live stats if you don’t believe me, because I don’t even really believe it myself.

The Eagles seemed on their way to being shellacked for the second straight game, with two of their first three batters in the ninth inning being retired, before... well....

BC put together your classic single, single, hit-by-pitch, walk, double rally to bring the tying run to the plate in the form of Sal Frelick. And then he did this:

I cannot emphasize enough that this home run, as well as this entire rally, happened WITH TWO OUTS IN THE NINTH INNING.

Joey Walsh tossed a scoreless bottom of the ninth inning in relief, setting up Luke Gold to launch a game-winning homer in the tenth:

Walsh then set the Tigers down once again in the tenth to secure the victory, and deliver what has to be the most ridiculous and improbable comeback I can ever remember in all of my time following BC sports. I don’t think this is even remotely an exaggeration.

BC is likely to move up a bit in the national rankings after this as they get ready to launch back in to ACC play next weekend.

Holy cow, folks. Baseball is baseball.