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Boston College Men’s Hockey v. Northeastern: Final Thoughts and Predictions

COLLEGE HOCKEY: MAR 23 Hockey East Championship - Boston College v Northeastern Photo by Michael Tureski/Icon Sportswire via Getty Images

Inclusive of all seasons in recent memory, there really hasn’t been an end to the season like this. Because of Hockey East’s inexplicable reticence in releasing the formula behind the Hockey East Power Index, Hockey East fans are even more uncertain than normal in trying to figure out the Hockey East tournament picture.

Creative thinking, therefore, is abound amongst Hockey East fans. People are piecing together what they can from what we know about HEPI and fans are trying to piece together a playoff picture, although there really isn’t a good way to do that.

The strategic value of a game like Boston College v. Northeastern, therefore, is very clear. This is a game between a team contending for the top seed in the tournament (not, for what it’s worth, a regular season championship) and a team potentially trying to wrap up a opening round bye in the Hockey East Tournament (wouldn’t it be nice to say definitively if they clinched?). Both of these teams have a lot to play for. Let’s talk about the game.

Breaking Down the Game

  1. Inclusive: One of Northeastern’s most dangerous traits is its ability to create offense through distribution. The Huskies have three players in the top 50 in points per game, and all three players have a propensity to not only score on their own, but to create chances as well. The Eagles will face an offense with a lot of offensive ability.
  2. Creative: The Eagles power play, while looking better, still has a way to go. I would like to see the unit have just an ounce more creativity. Northeastern only conceded two power plays the last time these two teams played, but Northeastern has players that accrue a number of PIMs. BC can’t rely on posting six again, despite an average Northeastern goaltending corps, so making the most of its chances.
  3. Strategic: Given the lack of awarding of a regular season championship, the Huskies, trying to avoid an opening round matchup, has a lot more riding on the game than the Eagles, who are looking more towards maintaining the lead in the Hockey East.

Inclusive, Creative and Strategic Wikipedia Fact of the Week

Inclusive: Northeastern’s Co-Op program allows students to be more integrated into the Boston community.

Creative: The College of Liberal Arts was founded in 1935.

Strategic: Over the past two decades, Northeastern has placed a large strategic focus on improving its U.S. News and World Report rankings.

Inclusive, Creative and Strategic Barley and Hops Based Alcoholic Beverage of the Game


You can’t get much more inclusive than the ultimate everyman beer. A more creative choice in the world of overcomplicating in beer, a lesson to be learned with this beer is that sometimes, from a strategic standpoint, just going back to basics can sometimes be a good option.

Inclusive, Creative and Strategic Tweet of the Week


I’ll take BC 4-1. BC will be the first seed in the tournament (I guess?) and we can come back to this in the slightly less ridiculous context of the NCAA Tournament.