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Wynston Tabbs to Transfer to East Carolina University

We’ll be sure to keep Tabbs on him at his new school

NCAA Basketball: Boston College at Minnesota Harrison Barden-USA TODAY Sports

Boston College RS sophomore guard Wynston Tabbs announced on Twitter today that he would be transferring to East Carolina University. This comes just about 2 weeks after Coach Jim Christian was fired and Tabbs was suspended by BC for the remainder of the season for violating COVID safety protocols.

His time at Boston College was always exciting. He joined the Eagles in 2018 as a dynamic freshman scorer to compliment Ky Bowman after Jerome Robinson left for the NBA draft, averaging 14 points per game before he missed the second half of that season (and the full following season) due to injury. He returned this year as the Eagles’ 2nd-leading scorer on a per game basis, but again missed some time because of COVID. It always seemed he was on the verge of becoming a star player for this squad, but could never stay healthy long enough to make it truly happen. We wish him the best as an Eastern Carolina Pirate!