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Boston College Pro Day Results

NCAA Football: Louisville at Boston College Winslow Townson-USA TODAY Sports

In lieu of the NFL Scouting Combine this year, each school will be hosting teams on-campus along with the general Pro Day work. BC’s Hunter Long and Isaiah McDuffie were invited to the Combine, and the Maxes Richardson and Roberts will be joining in the Pro Day combine work-outs today Friday, March 26th.

Additionally, some former Eagles will be in the [Fish Field] house. DBs Nolan Bergersen and Medhi El-Attrach, TE Chris Garrison, WRs Ben Glines, Cliff Kurker, and Elijah Robinson, and OLs John Phillips and Dwayne Scott all from the 2019 team will be participating in drills and whatnot.

BC reported personnel from all 32 teams are expected to attend. Expect to see Dolphins Coach and former Eagle Brian Flores back home.

We’ll post results once they are made available after the Pro Day.

Best of luck to all of the Eagles!


The guys did great today. Good quickness and strength showed, and I’m sure they impressed on the intangible aspects. Max Richardson commented on how “overprepared” they all were heading into the day’s events. With the guidance of former Eagles including Matt Milano and Tommy Sweeney, to go with the current coaching staff littered with experience, they were hopefully able to turn a few eyeballs. Here were their results:

Bench Press (Long DNP)

Roberts: 28 reps

Richardson: 24 reps

McDuffie: 25 reps

Broad Jump

Roberts: 10’3”

Richardson: 10’1”

McDuffie: 10’1”

Long: 10’2”

Vertical Jump

Roberts: 36.5 inches

Richardson: 34 inches

McDuffie: 32.5 inches

Long: 32.5 inches

40-yard Dash

Roberts: 4.87, 4.87

Richardson: 4.82, 4.88

McDuffie: 4.59, 4.61

Long: 4.63, 4.69

20-yard shuttle

Roberts: 4.50

Richardson: 4.24

McDuffie: 4.41

Long: 4.42


Roberts: 7.56

Richardson: 7.20

McDuffie: 7.26

Long: 7.41

We’re about a month away from Draft Day, and we’ll check back in with the group as it nears.