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Here’s who got screwed in the NCAA hockey selection, according to Twitter

2016 NCAA Division I Women’s Hockey Championship Photo by Richard T Gagnon/Getty Images

One of the most fun traditions of any NCAA tournament selection is viewing the angry reactions of fans who feel that their team got screwed. (It’ll happen to all of us eventually!)

Usually this is especially comical in hockey, when the field is purely chosen through objective math. This year had the potential to be extra funny due to the role of the selection committee.

Twitter, your thoughts? Who got screwed?


It’s a little weird to think of Minnesota as getting screwed after they earned a #1 seed and will be playing close to home, with traditional tournament underachiever Minnesota State as the #2 seed in their bracket. But don’t worry, the all-time hockey grievance champions in Minnesota still have reasons to feel slighted.

Mankato (who hasn’t won a tournament game since the WCHA split) as the #2?! Balderdash.

Playing the late game for TV purposes? S C R E W E D

Goldy was on the case to investigate this travesty:

Thankfully, turns out it was a false alarm:


Automatic #1! Perhaps they can discuss this travesty in the Boston Globe. We know they won’t be discussing it on 98.5 The Sports Hub.


Denver finished below .500, but had reasonable hopes of qualifying for the tournament due to their postseason performance and their status as the 5th team in the pretty-much-undisputed best conference, the NCHC. Alas, their bubble was burst.

I’ll be honest, I kind of expected more belly-aching after big name Denver was left out. “Our record was so bad just because we played really good teams and lost to them over and over again, and therefore we should make the tournament and get to lose to them again” is usually a gold mine in these situations.


The Selection Committee likely has a lifetime of good will with most Providence fans after the Friars snuck into the NCAA tournament as the last team in in 2015, then had the brutal path of having to take the bus 1.2 miles from their home rink to host their regional at the Dunkin’ Donuts Center. But it surely did sting to be left out yesterday.


Foiled by the computers... again.

Bowling Green?

Sure, why not: