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Pundits have range of reactions to Earl Grant’s hire as Boston College men’s basketball coach

Charleston v Towson Photo by Mitchell Layton/Getty Images

We’re less than hour into the Earl Grant era of Boston College men’s basketball after Grant was reportedly hired as BC’s next coach, after a 127-88 run with the College of Charleston Cougars.

So, plenty of time to commence with the hot takes!

Sports Illustrated’s Kevin Sweeney is known for his extensive knowledge of midmajor basketball, and he had this to say, which seems on track with many opinions about the strengths and weaknesses of the hire:

Some positive reactions from hoops nerds (blogs covering St. John’s and Davidson):

Meanwhile, our old friend Jeff Goodman was shocked:

Blauds was also surprised, though at this point it should probably come as no surprise to him or anyone when a pick is totally off the board from the names he had been floating:

@BookOfBC seems to be roughly where most BC accounts are - confused, but hopeful things work out:

But let us all hope to be sharing the opinion eventually of the man who renamed his account Earl Grant Fan Club: