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Boston College Men’s Hockey Falls to BU, 3-1


2020 Beanpot Tournament - Semifinals Photo by Richard T Gagnon/Getty Images

The Boston College men’s hockey team dropped the second game of its weekend series against rival BU, losing 3-1. The Eagles were without Logan Hutsko and Trevor Kuntar for this game, but were facing a depleted BU team as well.

The first period started off pretty well for the Eagles, as they looked faster and were getting more shots on goal, but the period quickly turned into a penalty party as both teams literally traded penalties for the rest of the period. BC got the first opportunity and couldn’t capitalize, then almost immediately went to the box. They were able to kill that penalty, before getting another stab at the power play seconds later. BC was finally able to capitalize on its second opportunity, Eamon Powell scoring his second goal of the season to put the Eagles up 1-0. Almost immediately after that though, BC took another penalty and gave up a goal, making the score 1-1 thirteen minutes into the period. BC received another opportunity on the power play two minutes after and didn’t capitalize, before Marshall Warren received a 5 minute major + game misconduct with a little less than two minutes to go in the period. BC was able to kill off the first part, and headed into the first intermission tied at one.

BC was able to kill off the last 3:47 of the carryover penalty from the first period, and looked good for the first half of the second period. Unfortunately, they gave a goal up a little over 10 minutes in, and remained down 2-1 for the rest of the period. Other than the rest of that penalty kill at the beginning, neither team took any penalties this period.

BU started the third period by immediately scoring a goal to put the Eagles in a 3-1 hole, and BC was never able to climb out of it despite being given a five minute power play after BU took a crosschecking penalty. The power play looked frustrating and to make things worse, BC took a penalty to negate the last minute or so of it. The rest of the period was equally frustrating, as it didn’t seem like BC had any high danger chances — almost every shot taken was from the outside or the blue line. BC got a power play chance at the very end of the period, but as usual they did not capitalize despite Knight being pulled for the 6v4 advantage, and that was that. Sigh.