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Doug Flutie Wins WWE 24/7 Championship

Sports Illustrated Super Bowl Party Photo by Jason Koerner/Getty Images

Earlier today, Boston College football legend Doug Flutie won the WWE 24/7 Championship, tackling recurring champion R-Truth during the Celebrity Flag Football Game. Flutie and R-Truth were both competing in today’s celebrity game, and Flutie took down the WWE talent by launching himself at R-Truth during an interview segment.

The 24/7 Championship can be won by anyone at any time. The only requirement for challenging the current title holder is that a WWE referee be present.

Since the title was unveiled in May 2019, 43 different people have held the honor. R-Truth, who Flutie took out for the win, has held the title 48 different times and a large part of his WWE persona is his love of the 24/7 belt. Chances are, he’ll regain the title from Flutie before Super Bowl weekend is over.

Flutie is not the only football player in Florida right now to have a reign as 24/7 champion; Rob Gronkowski also held the title during his temporary retirement from the NFL. In fact, Gronkowski currently is the record holder for longest reign as 24/7 champion at 57 days- likely because the WWE had to change their plans for him when he rejoined the NFL.