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Mark Blaudschun says BC’s interest in Tommy Amaker for head coach is “minimal”

(Insert all caveats, grain of salt, etc)

Orlando Invitational Photo by G Fiume/Maryland Terrapins/Getty Images

With the necessary caveat that this information is coming from Blauds, whose track record on having accurate information during BC coaching and AD searches is, shall we say, spotty, he is up with a new article today at SI’s TMG Sports on BC’s search for a men’s basketball coach.


In the article, Blauds says that “BC’s interest for inexplicable reasons has appeared to be minimal” in Harvard head coach Tommy Amaker.

Amaker’s name has come up during each of the last three BC coaching searches, though his name seems to be less prominent than it was last time.

One exception to Amaker’s lower profile this time around has been Blaudschun’s continued declarations that he would be the most qualified candidate and the most obvious choice for BC.

Amaker’s record at Harvard is well known at BC, in part due to the Crimson’s repeated and embarrassing beatdowns of the Eagles last decade. While Amaker continues to generally be very successful at Harvard, with a 250-138 record, he has not made the NCAA tournament since 2015, after a run of four straight years of qualifying from 2011-2014 - so his resume maybe has a little bit less shine than it did during the last go-around.

Blauds later goes on to say that John Thompson III and UCF head coach Johnny Dawkins are candidates “who would certainly listen to inquiries from BC.”

Blauds’ blog is here, with occasional updates on BC’s search.