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Mark Schmidt seems to not be denying he’s a candidate for BC head coach

St Bonaventure v Dayton Photo by Joe Robbins/Getty Images

The Buffalo News is up with a report from Mark Schmidt’s preparation for the home stretch of the Atlantic 10 basketball season for St. Bonaventure’s. In it, they address Schmidt’s potential candidacy for the men’s basketball head coaching job at his alma mater, Boston College. Reporters asked Schmidt about the opening during a video news conference.

In his quote about focusing on his team’s season and not on the coaching opening, he’s certainly not seeming to deny interest in or candidacy for the job.

“My concentration is on Davidson,” Schmidt said Friday on a video conference with reporters. “All that stuff [about the Boston College job], that’s just noise. I tell our team all the time, ‘you’ve got to block out the noise.’ Same thing with the coaching. You concentrate on the next opponent, and that’s what we do.”

That certainly strikes as a non-denial-denial, rather than someone who is categorically denying they could be in the hunt for a move.

The Buffalo News isn’t the only Western New York outlet to discuss Schmidt’s candidacy - the Olean Times-Herald also mentions Schmidt’s name coming up as a candidate at BC in discussing St. Bonaventure’s busy final stretch of the season.

It’s always challenging to tell when names pop up in the media how much is coming from the school vs. how much is coming from candidates and their agents, but this is certainly a candidacy to keep an eye on.

In addition to being a BC alum, Schmidt has been lauded for a steady 14 year run reviving a once-moribund St. Bonaventure’s program, including two NCAA tournament appearances and multiple 20-win seasons.

We’ll keep an eye on these rumors and see if we get more updates, especially as the Bonnies - and other teams with potential BC candidates - wrap up their seasons.