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Introducing the HEBCI Men’s Hockey Rankings

Boston College v Massachusetts-Lowell

Due to COVID completely messing up the strength of schedule and just number of games played by each college hockey team this year, Hockey East has moved to using HEPI as their new ranking system. Per Hockey East, the HEPI “is a customized objective mathematical formula never before used in college sports, created specifically to more accurately rank Hockey East teams based on the 2020-21 league schedule format.”

HEPI first takes into account each teams games played, wins and losses in regulation/overtime/shootouts, and home wins vs away wins. It then brings in strength of schedule and opponent strength of schedule.

Because BC Interruption has not always agreed with the HEPI rankings, we have decided to introduce our own Hockey East MIH ranking system, the HEBCI (Is this just because BU was ranked about BC for a brief period of time this weekend despite BC having played more games and beating UMass Lowell when BU beat... Vermont? Maybe, who’s to say!)

The HEBCI takes into account a number of things, from actual statistics and strength of schedule to a team’s success in avoiding COVID to general ~ vibes ~

Without further ado, please enjoy our hockey writers’ rankings for the week of 2/15.

1. Boston College (13-3-1)

2 (tie). Providence (9- 6- 4)

2 (tie). UMass (11- 5- 3)

4. Northeastern (8- 5- 2)

5. UConn (8- 8- 2)

6. Boston University (8- 2- 0)

7. UMass Lowell (4- 7- 0)

8 (tie). Maine (2- 7- 1)

8 (tie). UNH (5-12- 2)

10. Merrimack (3-10- 1)

11. Vermont (1- 7- 2)