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Logan Hutsko Reportedly Signs Professional Contract Following Injury

2020 Beanpot Tournament - Semifinals Photo by Richard T Gagnon/Getty Images

After this morning’s announcement that Boston College hockey star Logan Hutsko will miss the remainder of the NCAA season with an injury, it is being reported that he has signed a contract with the Florida Panthers. Hutsko was drafted 89th overall by the Panthers in the 2018 draft, and they are (sort of) his hometown team (the Tampa Bay Lightning as his actual hometown team, but, you know, same state).

Despite being plagued by injuries during his time at Boston College, which followed a serious neck injury in his high school days, Hutsko still recorded 51 goals for BC. He leaves the Heights with 114 games played and 101 career points.

With Hutsko’s speed, sneaky moved, and good eye for the puck, he certainly has the skills to make it in the big leagues. The question mark will be whether he can escape his history of injuries to stay healthy once he’s facing bigger, older players.

We’re sad to see Hutsko go out on this note, but we wish him the best of luck as he sets off to represent BC in the NHL!