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Boston College vs East Carolina in the Military Bowl

Let’s go bowling!

Florida State v Boston College Photo by Maddie Malhotra/Getty Images

Today it was reported that Boston College would face East Carolina in the Military Bowl in Annapolis, MD on Monday December 27th at 2:30pm ET.

Their opponent, East Carolina, is 7-5 this season and went 5-3 in the AAC. Their offense and defense are both in the middle of the pack (56th scoring offense, 67th scoring defense). Compare that to BC (93rd scoring offense, 34th scoring defense) and it should be a good match-up. Phil Jurkovec will also be coming off some well-needed rest for his hand, after playing with it when he was clearly not at full strength. It also should be noted that BC in the ACC generally plays better teams than in the AAC, although this season the difference was much reduced.

The inaugural Fenway Bowl, played in Boston for the first time this year, will not host Boston College this year. Many thought that the 6-6 Eagles were going to Fenway as a lackluster team that can’t draw many fans away from home.