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Boston College Football Banter: Fenway Here We Come

NCAA Football: Wake Forest at Boston College Bob DeChiara-USA TODAY Sports

Arthur: So we have a lot to talk about after the regular season came to an end. Disappointing way to go out. You have to wonder how the flu affected BC’s performance, but ultimately it feels like an opportunity missed.

Niraj: Definitely feels like a lost season. I’m hoping for guys to get healthy to show us what maybe could have been in whatever bowl game. I don’t particularly care about what bowl - just want to win. The biggest two things for me right now are 1) what staff changes will they actually make (OC and offensive line in particular) 2) what players decide to come back. I heard some interesting stuff recently about the debate of going pro if you’re borderline Day 2/Day 3 versus coming back to school. With NIL in place, more guys are expected to come back college-wide. Zay Flowers may fit this mold.

Will: One can only hope about Zay. I’d love a warm weather bowl game, just to see if they play better.

Arthur: I was hoping that the big news that Jason Baum was referring to was Zay sticking around another year. I’ll take a Hafley extension though.

Curtis: Agreed on needing a change at OC and OL coach. This was one of the most highly-touted OLs this preseason, largely thanks to Daz’s recruiting of the position, but Hafley’s staff failed to capitalize and they really struggled with pass blocking all year.
As for Cignetti at OC, his play-calling was just really baffling at times for a host of reasons, no matter if it was Jurkovec or Grosel at QB. There were too many deep passes for Grosel, they got uncreative with Garwo and often ran too much in situations that didn’t call for it, and Zay did not get enough backfield touches this year. Those were my main gripes, but there were plenty more, too.

Arthur: It’s baffling up until the point you realized Jurk didn’t have his hand strength back, and that’s not insignificant, and probably the catalyst for the conservative play calling. But, yeah, not sure what’s up with the Grosel deep ball.

Grant: I actually hope Cignetti sticks around. He was a big reason Jurkovec decided to come to BC. I think our bigger issues were OL-related. We have had worse play calling than this. We weren’t THAT conservative. And yeah, Jurkovec’s hand strength was definitely a factor.

Niraj: Good point on the relationship between the two. OL issues were there of course, but I think a good OC can work around that more than he did. That intermediate and quick passing game was severely lacking. There was next to no creativity, and they were constantly looking for the deep ball. Flowers can’t go so many halves with no touches. Yes, the injuries clearly played a big role and defenses brought a lot of pressure realizing we didn’t have anything. We’ve had worse play-calling, but even with injuries, we haven’t had this level of offensive talent available either.

Curtis: All that being said, what are we happy about with Hafley’s staff this season?

Will: I think the defense easily out-performed my expectations. Now my expectations were pretty low, but the defense had its moments in big games. I honestly expected we’d lose more games this year because of the defense, not the offense.

Curtis: Agreed that I was impressed by the defense. They weren’t an outstanding unit, but they definitely over-performed compared to where their expectations were, and that’s in large thanks to the coaching. Especially after that slew of preseason injuries up front had us all worried. They got some important stops in games against Clemson, Syracuse, Virginia Tech, and more.

Grant: So are we excited for the bowl or just kind of whatever? More football is always good right?

Will: Bowl Season is my favorite part of the Christmas season. Football on practically 24/7. Totally serious. I’m hoping BC gets the Fenway Bowl even if that means a matchup with a Houston or SMU.

Grant: I’d be more excited for the Fenway Bowl (and would have gone) if it wasn’t in the middle of the week, in the middle of the work day. What the hell?

Will: I did not know that. That’s a terrible mistake on the part of Fenway. It’s the hard part of bowl season.

Arthur: They may not have had a choice. They’re the last dog at the water bowl and TV makes that call as much as anyone.

Grant: Yep. 11am on a Wednesday. Oof.

Arthur: At the end of the day more football is more football, and if it takes listening to it on the radio then that’s what it is.

Grant: Hey, maybe we won’t be at Fenway! Just kidding. We’re going to be at Fenway.

Curtis: I’ve already taken the day off from work because I’m so confident we’ll end up at Fenway. Get committed you casuals!!

Will: Get In!