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Preview and Predictions: Boston College Men’s Basketball vs. Dartmouth

Charleston v Towson Photo by Mitchell Layton/Getty Images

While two of its Conte Forum roommates have been playing for a full month now, the men’s basketball team has remained idle waiting for the season to start. That all changes Tuesday night as the Earl Grant era at Boston College begins with an 8 PM matchup with the Dartmouth Big Green.

What to Watch For

  1. Gritty, not pretty: This game is the first look at the team that Earl Grant is going to run, and we’re going to see Grant’s schemes in play. Grant has described his style of play as “gritty, not pretty,” expecting his team to achieve workman-like success. What that translates to remains to be seen. You can expect an emphasis on the defensive glass, ball control and defensive pressure, all categories that Grant’s 2020-21 Charleston team did well with.
  2. Who’s left?: When Jim Christian was fired, others went with him. Wynston Tabbs is gone. Rich Kelly is gone. Steffon Mitchell is gone. What’s left is a hodgepodge of collegiate journeymen. Seven players on the opening day roster for the Eagles played at a different institution. There will be growing pains, and Grant will have his work cut out for him on the recruiting trail. This will be an opportunity to show what Grant can do in the least advantageous of circumstances.
  3. What do we know about Dartmouth: Expect the Big Green to be a middle of the road Ivy League team, a team that should be in BC’s realm of success, but, of course, one thing about being a BC basketball fan is that there is never a sure win.

Barley and Hops Based Alcoholic Beverage of the Game

Genesee Light

We went to a bar in Nashville over by The Mall at Green Hills in Nashville to watch some college football this past Saturday. We enjoyed our experience, but my dad and I noticed that there was a house brew. We were going to get it, and we asked if it was made in house and they said they contracted with a brewery. I asked which one and the bartender said “uh... I think it’s called Gee-nuh-see.” So it was just a Genny Light, so have one this week.

Taylor Swift Gif of the Game

It may not be pretty, but basketball is back. And that makes us happy.


This is a game that BC should take care of business. Give me a 70-60 victory for the Birds, in a game that Dartmouth hangs around but is never quite close enough to be competitive.