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BC Interruption Player of the Week: Football’s Phil Jurkovec

Virginia Tech v Boston College Photo by Maddie Malhotra/Getty Images

Phi Jurkovec was Curtis’s Player of the Game this weekend, and he’s our Player of the Week too. Sure, there are BC players who put up bigger numbers this week, but Jurkovec’s return can’t be understated.

Prior to Friday night’s game, rumors were flying on social media about Jurkovec. Some insisted he was going to return to the roster. Some thought that his pads being absent in a locker room photo meant there was no way he’d be back in action. All were refreshing their Twitter feeds nonstop.

When Jurkovec did in fact suit up to start the game, the injection of excitement that it gave the team and the fans was palpable. The Eagles ended up snapping their ACC winless streak, defeating Virginia Tech 17-3 during the Red Bandana game, which honors BC hero Welles Crowther.

2021-22 BC Interruption Players of the Week

Hannah Bilka, Women’s Hockey: 10/25

Pat Garwo III, Football: 9/27

Sarah Johnson, Field Hockey: 9/20

Phil Jurkovec, Football: 11/8

Abigail Levy, Women’s Hockey: 10/4

Jack McBain: 11/1

Lauren White, Women’s Cross Country: 10/11