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Boston College Football Banter: We Are Not Feeling Good!

COLLEGE FOOTBALL: OCT 30 Boston College at Syracuse Photo by Gregory Fisher/Icon Sportswire via Getty Images

Arthur: Well we’re gonna have some takes this week!

Will: What happened to Morestead?

Grant: More like less unstead.

Will: He had the one good throw to Flowers. We might as well mark that UMass games as a loss. Can anybody give Jurkovec a hand?

Arthur: I mean sure, but also QB is not the only issue.

Will: No, no it really isn’t. Two red zone trips. Two field goals. Can’t do it. Cannot do it.

Arthur: Here, there, wherever, what does it even matter.

Will: Sean Tucker just ran us out of NY. Syracuse only threw the ball 14 times for 65 yards. So we knew what they were doing but couldn’t stop it.

Arthur: This was a true everything was on fire game. The defense struggled yet again in the third, the offense didn’t get much of anything going, the quarterback situation made absolutely no sense, who the hell knows what the game plan was, and the special teams let up a run back for a touchdown. Truly a disaster all around, and you can squarely put a lot of the issues on the coaching staff.

Curtis: Yeah, it’s hard to take many positives out of this one. The defense played ok? They only let up 2 offensive scores after all, even if they didn’t look very good doing it.

Arthur: It makes you wonder if a functional offense would lead to better defense— it can’t be easy to stay out on the field like that.

Will: I’m with Arthur, it’s hard for to rant about the defense when the offense isn’t producing. You can look at the amount of rushing yards they surrendered and condemn that but it feels overly harsh when the offense comes away from 3 red zone trips with only 6 points.
Would anyone else feel better about a QB change if we weren’t playing Virginia Tech? They almost always give us their best.

Curtis: Add in the Red Bandana game and how well the BC student section has been turning out… well it’s gonna be a lot of pressure if there’s a new QB in there. I’m still undecided on who I’d like to see, but I’m leaning Morehead.

Will: I’d be all in on Morehead if it wasn’t Tech, but given the transfer portal world we live in, maybe you throw him in there, see how he reacts. If you’re not going to game-plan around Grosel, then go with someone who is more like Jurkovec. Maybe the atmosphere gives the kid some juice.

Arthur: I don’t buy the “the atmosphere will be too much for him” argument. You have to think he’s getting looks because Hafley expects him to be playing more down the road. The kid needs to learn to play in that atmosphere. It’s also not like it’ll be his first game in live action, he did have last week against Syracuse.
For whatever its worth, I think Morehead is the choice. I don’t think you lose too much from Grosel, the kid’s arm looks promising, and at this point maybe that’ll be the spark the team needs. I know the “Grosel’s got more experience argument,” and I know the merits of it, but… it’s not like that experience has given the Eagles much of anything this year.
For whatever it’s worth, no matter who is under center, the offensive scheme needs to match. We’ve been saying that all season since Jurkovec got hurt, but the staff has refused to adjust, and that has been a really bad failure that needs to change.

Niraj: Agreed here, Morehead is the guy. Everything we saw last week was his first game in years, and he still matched Grosel while showing better upside. The guy came out slinging which tells me the moment isn’t too big. I’m sure they’ll be some jitters and eagerness with the fanfare Friday night, but the kid will be just fine. What have we got to lose?

Will: Not to shift gears too much but since this is the Red Bandana game this week, I figured we should all talk about what this game means to us? Because I do believe no matter how BC is doing, this game always means more.

Arthur: It’s a really great reflection on what BC as an institution should represent, and it honors an incredibly brave alumnus of the university, so it’s a really special day.

Curtis: The Red Bandana symbolizes everything it means to be a BC Eagle, a true woman or man for others. Completely selfless. The game itself has become a bit stylized or gimmicky in certain aspects, but the meaning is always there no matter what.

So lots of talk and unanswered questions around this game… predictions?

Arthur: Y’all don’t want what I’m about to put down

Curtis: Go for it! I’ve predicted BC to lose for 5 straight weeks now, anything is on the table.

Arthur: I’m going to take Tech, 27-7, because something tells me that this coaching staff isn’t going to change its old habits and we’re going to be stuck with the same old same old from BC. And that’s a shame.

Curtis: I’m 7/8 on my predictions this year, so I’m going to take a risk and predict a BC upset. 24-20 Eagles in a game where I think the offense (under Morehead?) may start to get some stuff figured out.

Will: Go big or go home. BC 31-10 may the comments forever remember my boldness!