3 year rule?

I'm as disappointed as many of you are on the 2021 BC football season. 6-6 seems to be about the absolute floor of what many expected (I was hoping for 8-4). Now that we're 2 years into the Hafley era, we have to wonder how things will play out moving forward. I'm a big believer in the 3 year rule. While there are exceptions, most of the time you will know how a coach's tenure will play out by year 3. If you look at BC football coaches (Bicknell, Coughlin, Henning, TOB, Spaz, and Addazio) we can see where the team was headed by year 3. I left out Jags in that list because he left after 2 years.

At this point I would say there are a few positives.....Defensive coaching and recruiting. Our front 7 isn't particularly talented but they've hung in there. The secondary has been very good.

On the negative side, is the offense. We can go back and forth all we want on the Jurkovec injury but at the end of the day, we scored >20 points in 2 out of 8 conference games. That's awful.