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Game Summary: Wake Forest 41 Boston College 10

Florida State v Boston College Photo by Maddie Malhotra/Getty Images

Boston College hosted Wake Forest today in Chestnut Hill for the final week of the regular season. With an ACC Championship game berth on the line for Wake and an opportunity to break the 7 win curse for Boston College, both teams came into the contest with a lot to play for.

Boston College won the opening coin toss and elected to defer, meaning Wake Forest received the opening kickoff. They quickly went 3-and-out however, punting to BC to give the Eagles their first possession, who then proceeded to go 3-and-out themselves and punt right back to Wake. Wake got their offensive footing on their second try, finding a couple passes deep downfield, before QB Sam Hartman eventually ran it himself from 7 yards out for a touchdown, making it 7-0 Wake Forest.

Boston College went 3-and-out once again on their next drive, punting right back to Wake’s talented offense, but they went 3-and-out themselves again and punted right back. Boston College, looking to one-up Wake in offensive ineptitude, threw a long INT on 3rd down to give the Demon Deacons the ball right back again at their own 40. A penalty and a QB run later, Wake Forest tossed it to A.T. Perry for a 33-yard scamper to the house, making it 14-0 Wake.

Boston College began their next drive with an impressive 28 yard run by Jurkovec down the sideline, followed by QB run of a few yards and a big 13 yard rush by Garwo. The score was eventually grabbed by Trae Barry off a 15-yard pass, shortening the lead to 14-7 Wake. The Demon Deacons returned the ensuing kickoff into BC territory and converted a 4th and short to get even deeper, but an unnecessary roughness penalty dragged them back and forced Wake to kick a FG, increasing their lead to 17-7.

Boston College quickly drove downfield in large part to the running of Pat Garwo and Phil Jurkovec taking them all the way down to the 5 yard line. But a couple busted run plays at the goal line couldn’t get BC a TD, so they settled for a FG to make it 17-10 Wake. Wake Forest, after driving to midfield, threw 2 incompletions and got sacked on 3rd down, resulting in a punt back to BC. But BC’s Phil Jurkovec fumbled on the first play with Wake recovering, allowing the Demon Deacons to start up again in the redzone. But Wake’s Sam Hartman had a turnover of his own, throwing a pick in the endzone to Brandon Sebastian, allowing BC to pick up on offense again.

But after a 3 and out, BC punted right back with just about 2 minutes to go in the first half. Wake Forest drove down, using almost all the time on the clock, and threw it in for a 7 yard score to end the half, making their lead 24-10.

Boston College made an exceptional play on their drive to open the half, with Zay Flowers running about 70 yards for an apparent TD, but QB Phil Jurkovec as flagged for an illegal blindside block, bringing it all the way back. The Eagles were unable to convert after the penalty, punting back to Wake. But the Deacs found themselves going 3-and-out, punting right back to BC.

Starting their drive on the 2 yard line, Boston College went 3 and out themselves, punting back to Wake while picking up a facemask penalty, meaning the Deacs could start their next drive in the redzone. They drove to the 2 yard line, but weren’t able to punch it in, settling for another FG to make it 27-10 Deacs.

Boston College found themselves with another 3 and out, their 3rd straight one, and punted right back to Wake. The Demon Deacons drove down, aided by a huge 32 yard pass after Hartman scrambled out of the pocket, and scored a short TD to up their lead to 34-10.

After Jurkovec threw an INT on the first play of the ensuing drive, Wake had the ball again and drove pretty easily down the field with a ground and pound style that BC just couldn’t stop. Soon enough, it was 41-10 Wake after a short TD pass. Boston College sent out their back-up QB, Emmett Morehead, on their next drive, but once again went 3-and-out and had to punt.

Wake Forest continued to run the ball up BC’s gut and run out the clock, creating a drive that got well into BC territory before stalling out, resulting in an eventual kneeldown to take the victory, 41-10.