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A BC Interruption Thanksgiving

What about BC athletics makes you thankful this year?

USA - Education - Boston College Photo by Rick Friedman/Corbis via Getty Images

In honor of Thanksgiving, the BC Interruption staff is sharing what we’re thankful for re: BC athletics this year. Let us know in the comments what BC things you’re thankful for!

Laura: I’m thankful to be back at games in person. Going to BC men’s hockey and women’s basketball games has been such a huge part of my life since I was a kid, so not being able to go to Conte for a year was one of the weirdest parts of 2020 for me. I’m also thankful it allows me to see my BCI pals in real life again!

Joe: I know mostly everyone’s gonna say lacrosse, so I’m going to try to be a little more original/personal and say that I’m very thankful that I personally was able to attend the lacrosse final four/national championship game and see the trophy lifted in person.

I started a job in DC this January and as such I was right near Towson for the Final Four, so obviously I had to go. But if I weren’t already in the area, I might not have gone - between COVID, previous heartbreaks, the fact that we weren’t necessarily favored, etc. I know some people who went to the previous Final Fours who skipped this one. That might have ended up being me.

But it really meant a lot to me to be there and witness it in person. It was a special memory, and still makes me happy to think about it months later. Every time I see the shirt I bought at Towson, or see highlights from the game, or whatever, I remember being there, and experiencing such great joy after so many heartbreaks. It was a good day.

Grant: I’m thankful for the relationships BC sports have brought me, from back in my student days 3,000 years ago when a bunch of us would road trip to the hockey games, to now where some of my best friends are at BCI and we get to talk to each other all day (even if we spend a lot of that time complaining).

Arthur: I’m really happy to be able to go back to BC games after the pandemic. I went up back in October to see a hockey game and football game, and (the result of the football game notwithstanding) it was great to just... be around other people watching a BC game. The atmosphere was absolutely electric at both games and I’m just grateful we’re at a point where we can go back to doing that with reasonable safety.

Curtis: I’m thankful for AJ Dillon, Spencer Knight, Thatcher Demko, Joe Woll, Reggie Jackson, and all of the other BC legends for making us proud in the pros.

Maithri: I’m thankful for a few things this year, but I’m extremely thankful for the women’s lacrosse team! There have been many heartbreaks in BC sports history over the past few years (& especially since I started at BC), but since I’d never watched any BC team bring home a National Championship, there were no happy memories to look back on so I could cope with them. Watching lacrosse finally end that drought and celebrate with their trophy on the field gave me happiness that I didn’t even know was possible from BC sports, and watching them go on their victory tour around Boston just gave me so SO much pride. I walked by the Boston Harbor Hotel over the summer and seeing the championship banner hung up over the water literally made me tear up, and thinking about it still occasionally makes me tear up. And even though it’s been months, if I ever need a pick-me-up I’ll go and rewatch the last few minutes of the game with the trophy presentation because it makes me so happy. :’)

Will: I’m thankful that I got to see Phil Jurkovec come back and play more than just the one game. Especially since his first game back was the Red Bandana Game, and it was kept under wraps the day of the game so it gave the return a more dramatic quality and that made the game itself feel all the more special.

Niraj: I’m thankful for the BC social teams: constant content, great presentation, and on occasion an epic troll job.