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Boston College Women’s Basketball Defeats Northeastern: Recap and Key Takeaways

NCAA Basketball: ACC Tip Off Jim Dedmon-USA TODAY Sports

It wasn’t their cleanest win ever, but Boston College defeated Northeastern by a score of 57-46 this afternoon.

The Eagles jumped out to an early lead, but Northeastern hit a pair of 3 pointers late in the first quarter to tie the game at 17. Defense was really the name of the game in the first half overall, as neither team had the best shooting accuracy but both teams were all over each other on on defense. Marnelle Garraud and Maria Gakdeng in particular had a strong defensive first half, and Gakdeng nabbed both of BC’s first half steals.

The Eagles entered the second half up just 28-25. They got a little sloppier in the third quarter, but still managed to maintain their lead. BC was up 39-35 heading into the final quarter, with Taylor Soule leading the team with 13 points and Gakdeng adding a trio of blocks to her defensive stats.

The Huskies tied the game at 39 early in the fourth before taking a 2 point lead at 8:26. The Eagles quickly regained the lead, however, with Jaelyn Batts scoring the tying basket. The Eagles ended the game with a lot of hustle, and managed to pull off the win, led by Taylor Soule (21 points, 5 rebounds) and Maria Gakdeng (11 points, 9 rebounds, 3 blocks, 2 steals).

Key Takeaways

  • BC has typically been pretty strong from the free throw line under Coach Mac, but the team has been struggling a bit this season. The Eagles need to figure that out soon, because they can’t be giving up free points once ACC season hits.
  • BC lost too many points on missed 3 pointers today.
  • Gakdeng is the player this rebuild is going to center around, she’s so good in all aspects of her game already.
  • Soule continues to get called for too many fouls. That’s going to destroy BC if it keeps happening in ACC play. She scored 21 points tonight and the Eagles need her on the court to score those points!
  • Dontavia Waggoner is so fun to watch on defense and I’m excited to see how she grows as a player.