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Florida State 26, Boston College 23: Jeff Hafley post-game quotes

Florida State v Boston College Photo by Maddie Malhotra/Getty Images

Boston College head coach Jeff Hafley addressed the media following yesterday’s 26-23 loss to Florida State. Video of the availability is below, followed by some selected quotes:

Opening statement -

“Credit to Florida State - they came out and played a really good first half... I felt like we were a little flat in the first half... they really had us on the ropes. Credit to our players and staff, we fought back... but we weren’t able to execute [on the final drive]. Disappointed in the outcome, but proud of the way they fought.”

On Phil taking big hits -

“Especially in the first half - they have two really good DEs and a good DT, he took some shots early. I thought we adjusted well... we definitely have to protect better than we did.”

On whether he considered a 58 yard FG attempt on the final drive -

“No, that was too far. I had a yard line in my head where if we got to, I would have kicked it, but that was too far there.”

On being flat early on:

“It’s a combination - they threw some new stuff at us, and they executed at a high level. They made plays. We got behind. We couldn’t protect early, we couldn’t stop them early, and it kind of snowballed early in the game. We made some adjustments and rebounded well in the second half.”

“We need to start faster. I need to coach better in the first half. We need to play better in the first half.”

On the Garwo touchdown that started the comeback:

“I felt like everybody was waiting for someone to make a play in the first half... I felt like that was all we needed, one guy to go out and make a play. We weren’t able to do that in the first half. Then he did, and then we staretd making more on offense and defense.”

On the 4th down conversation on the final drive...

“We went for it on 4th and 3... I had a really good look at it from the sideline, that’s why I decided to go for it. Then we crossed the 50, and we just fell short.”

On missed tackles...

“We needed to play faster today. They got us out in space, their players made our players miss. We’ve got to get more people to the ball... I don’t think it was just pure fundamentals of tackling, their players made us miss and out-executed us. In the second half, we got more people to the point of attack...”