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Florida State defeats Boston College Football, 26-23

A comeback that never was

Florida State v Boston College Photo by Maddie Malhotra/Getty Images

Today, the Boston College Eagles hosted the Florida State Seminoles for an ACC football match-up in Chestnut Hill. The Eagles went down big to start, made a comeback, but came up short to FSU to lose 26-23.

Boston College had a terrible first half of football, scoring only 3 points, giving up 19 (including a safety), having generally terrible offensive playcalling. At 3rd and short deep in the redzone, they called two straight runs up the gut after the BC OL had been getting bullied all day. FSU, on the other hand, was doing a good job of moving the ball downfield. They struggled with some penalties that cut a couple of their drives short, but overall they sliced up the Boston College defense.

The second half started with a TD for each team, and from there Boston College mounted its comeback. 3 straight TDs brought the Eagles within 3 points of FSU, 26-23, and driving with time set to expire soon. But a huge defensive stop for FSU essentially sealed a Seminole win.