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Depth Chart and Injury Updates: BC v Virginia Tech

Boston College v Syracuse Photo by Bryan M. Bennett/Getty Images

Some actual changes to the depth chart this week:

  • We have ourselves an official OR with Dennis Grosel and Emmett Morehead. Hafley indicated he doesn’t want to be playing two quarterbacks, so we imagine the official starter will be named Friday. No other quarterback is listed of course.

From Hafley today

“We have made a decision . . . I’m hoping it’s going to be one guy . . . I’d like it to be one. I just want to get a guy a chance to go play

Thinking it will be Morehead, who was made available to speak with media today and who has been coming along well per Hafley.

  • Kobay White is officially off the depth chart. White hasn’t been active in the past two games due to his same knee injury. He will be unavailable and it very much could be season ending again unfortunately. CJ Lewis and Jaden Williams will continue here, where both have started about the same number of games.
  • The OR’s have been removed for Marcus Valdez who has been playing excellent since returning healthy
  • Spencer Witter is back on the depth chart at tight end. Witter appeared last weekend against Syracuse


  • Isaiah Graham-Mobley is ‘hopeful’ for Friday
  • Trae Barry day-to-day
  • Brandon Sebastian day-to-day
  • Confirmation of Deon Jones unlikely to come back to do injury
  • Kobay White as mentioned above is out
  • Small note was a jammed finger for Alec Lindstrom leading to the bad snap near the end of last weekend’s game.