The sometimes antagonistic environment on BCI thread-posts

I don't want to overstate this problem, but it occasionally - many might say too often - raises its ugly head in BCI thread-posts (a word I might have just made up). First, let me say and acknowledge, I have been a part of my fair share of such disagreements. I also will admit I can get impatient, snarky, surly, etc. I can even hurl a put-down or two (but I'd like to say that is usually in retaliation). Some posters are more known for ratcheting up the rancor than others (and we all know who those persons are).

BLUF: let's try better to cool it, me included.

I like to argue - a better word might be debate. I honestly enjoy it. As most know, I am a lawyer - 36 years as mostly a trial attorney. Arguing is what we do. I also am pretty unabashed in offering my opinion, as are many here. There should be nothing wrong with that. At the end of the day, that is all any of us are doing. If someone's opinion is different than yours, I do think, by all means, you should be able to debate that person on whatever point/issue they have stated. But it can be done congenially (more or less). Name-calling, insults, certainly profanity, are not only uncalled for, they are in violation of the rules/policies of BCI. Frankly, I believe there should be more/greater consequences for any breach of rules/policies on this board. Other than the infrequent deletion of a few messages, I don't really know of actual consequences for continued breaches (though IIRC, there was a pretty high-strung guy banned a few years back - forgetting his nom de plume at the moment).

So let's all try to do better. Don't go hunting for any particular poster's messages in order to be contrarian. Don't overreact when someone disagrees with you and states why. Let's keep such debates shorter, say a couple messages from each person, and then move on. Most of all - let's be civil towards one another. Sure there may be certain posters who you find lacking in knowledge/perspective/experience, and who you believe therefore say more than their share of silly things, but hey, so what? They're entitled to be here every bit as much as anyone else. Again, you want to point out a weakness in their argument, have at it - just do it without any animosity or edge. And the original poster should do the same - defend your position without anger or insults. Then, be done with it.

Three things have prompted this Fan Post. One, what I perceive to be an increase in occurrences of this issue. Two, one poster's admonition to me quite recently. And third, I only just saw and read the "get to know the staff" link and biographies on the banner at BCI, and enjoyed reading how all are actually "real people," with interesting backgrounds and stories. It made me think how we're [nearly] all BC students or alumni - certainly fans - and that common thread should mean something. I am quite sure if I met nearly anyone here who is as interested in BC sports as I am, at a tailgate, a game, or a game-watch, we'd get along just fine.

So, mea cupla too - let's strive to do better.