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The Idiot’s Guide to Week 11

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COLLEGE FOOTBALL: NOV 06 Tulsa at Cincinnati Photo by James Black/Icon Sportswire via Getty Images

With only a handful of weeks left in the season, the nation’s college football teams are making a last-ditch push for the attention of the College Football Playoff committee, or perhaps bowl eligibility. The competition is fierce. Let’s talk turkey.


Pitt over North Carolina: I don’t know who at ESPN came up with the idea of Thursday Night College football, but... I support it? Particularly when good games are on.


Cincinatti over @ South Florida: I know after struggling against Tulsa, Cincinatti playoff supporters don’t have a ton of ammo, but it feels like Cincinatti’s quest for CFP berth is, at a bare minimum, as strong. I really hope the CFP gives them their due if we’re at this point in December.


Georgia over @ Tennesse: Give the Vols credit- beating Kentucky was hard. Although, let’s be real, it may be that the institution just started focusing on basketball.

Alabama over New Mexico State: poor frank spaziani having to come up with a way to defend an Alabama team with something to prove.

Michigan over @ Penn State: There is no justifiable reason to rank Michigan over Michigan State. I don’t know what the conspiracy reasoning behind that would be, but how can the committee justify ranking a team ahead of a team that beat them?

Oklahoma over @ Baylor: Sooooo are we just going to ignore that Oklahoma is just sitting out there with an unbeaten record?

Auburn over Mississippi State: Auburn somehow has the distinction of the best 6-3 team I have zero confidence in.

Wisconsin over Northwestern:

Utah over @ Arizona: Has Utah been ranked all year? I have literally no jokes written for them. Also, how did BC get so much (deserved) flack for being so bad back in 2015 while Arizona is just allowed to exist while being abysmal?

Purdue over Ohio State: Purdue being a B1G killer is exactly the amount of chaos this year needs.

Minnesota over @ Iowa: I’m glad that Iowa slid so far in the rankings, it’s hard to come up with jokes about the Hawkeyes in a non-election year.

UTSA over Southern Miss: lol. (that’s a good read btw, go subscribe to the athletic).

Michigan State over Maryland: I wonder if Sparty gets an actual CFP look if Ohio State loses again.

Ole Miss over Texas A&M: I support this being the primetime game. Well done, ESPN.

Virginia over Notre Dame: Who let the Irish back into the Top 10?

NC State over @ Wake Forest: All due respect to the Deacs, but NC State looked like as complete a team as has been in college sports this year.

LSU over Arkansas: Coach O is a lame duck coach, but that team had enough energy last week against Alabama to mount some sort of upset soon.

Oklahoma State over TCU

Oregon over Washington State

San Diego State over Nevada