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Boston College Football Banter: POSITIVITY SEASON

NCAA Football: Virginia Tech at Boston College Brian Fluharty-USA TODAY Sports



Arthur: So now that we’ve had time to digest, a lot to be happy about. BC is off the schneid, needs just one win to go bowling, and it appears that the team has its starting quarterback back. It wasn’t the prettiest game BC has ever won, but it definitely did the trick.

Curtis: Absolutely. It was a bit ugly, but it wasn’t going to take much to lift this team’s spirits after a very difficult 4 game skid. I’m happy about things on both sides of the ball and an 8-win season all of a sudden isn’t off the table anymore.

Niraj: It was actually incredible how much the ball just gravitated back to us. Yeah not perfect by any means but not much you can expect given the limited practice reps and getting back to form. It was great to see how much he galvanized the entire team though.

Will: I think BC needed that game. I think Jurkovec returning on top of the red bandana game just gave the team and the fan base a bit of much needed juice. Honestly, I was a bit anxious up until about 2 minutes left because it felt like the game was in hand but the score was still so close. It seemed like BC was actively trying to ease Phil back into the game, and Virginia Tech almost played as if they were trying to facilitate that game plan. The way they were running the ball made me think they read the scouting report about BC’s rush defense and kept expecting to break a big run. Their QB also got hurt early so that may have been why they were so conservative.

Grant: I’m just glad for the morale boost of having PJ back. Like the rest of you have said, it’s not that he/we played great but it just gives a huge positivity boost coming off the four straight losses. You feel like there was a lot of rust-busting for him in that game and he can only get better.

Arthur: It feels like there’s an end to the struggle, and he’s not a magic wand that fixes all of BC’s problems, some of which were obvious Friday, but it feels like there’s a light at the end of the tunnel.

Curtis: Suddenly the gaping hole is gone and we can go back to worrying about the dents and scratches again! How are we feeling about this upcoming match-up against Georgia Tech? Is the team ready to rumble or will it still be a struggle like we’ve seen most weeks?

Arthur: I’ll be there so I hope they bring it. In all seriousness I’m hoping Jurkovec gets his footing back, and the defense tightens up. This a good week to get everything back together against a good—but beatable—opponent.

Curtis: There are no easy games in the ACC this year, not even against Duke, so the team can’t crumble like it did against Syracuse. But yes, I’m optimistic that the Eagles will be able to focus up now that this losing streaking is dead and behind them. I’ve already been convinced to trust this defense, we’ll see if that backfires on me, but it seems to me like they’ve been playing pretty well as a unit these past 2 weeks.

Grant: Yeah, how bout that defense? What a pleasant surprise. You know we’re 3rd in the ACC in total defense and I think 1st in pass defense? Someone fact check me on that. Who saw that coming??

Will: It’s literally the Paul Rudd meme. I’m confident but I feel like if Syracuse can spring one on us, anyone can. Before the season I would said Georgia Tech was better than Syracuse..

Arthur: Predictions?

Curtis: 31-21 Roll Eags baby

Grant: POSITIVITY SEASON! 24-14 Eagles

Arthur: 31-17 Birds