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BC Interruption Player of the Week: Men’s Hockey’s Jack McBain

Boston College v Massachusetts-Lowell Photo by Richard T Gagnon/Getty Images

This week, BC Interruption’s Player of the Week is Jack McBain, who we also happened to profile last week. McBain was a major factor in both of BC’s games this weekend, even though the Eagles only came away with 1 win.

On Friday night, McBain scored just 44 seconds into the 2nd period to put BC up 3-0. Unfortunately, UVM would come back to win this game, but McBain was one of the BC players who showed hustle throughout the match.

On Saturday, McBain scored BC’s first two goals, both of which were power play goals and both of which tied things up. His pair of goals allowed BC to stay in the game with UVM, and to ultimately win thanks to a late goal by Trevor Kuntar.

On top of his 3 point weekend against UVM, McBain currently leads BC in points (14), assists (9) and is tied with Marc McLaughlin with a team high 5 goals.

2021-22 BC Interruption Players of the Week

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Pat Garwo III, Football: 9/27

Sarah Johnson, Field Hockey: 9/20

Abigail Levy, Women’s Hockey: 10/4

Jack McBain: 11/1

Lauren White, Women’s Cross Country: 10/11