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Boston College Men’s Hockey Preseason Banter

Boston College v New Hampshire Photo by Richard T Gagnon/Getty Images

Laura: So how are you guys feeling after that exhibition win as we head into the actual season? I feel better about our goalkeeping than I did before, but nervous about our defense…

Maithri: I’d have to agree, Dop and Wilder impressed me more than I expected! But yes the defense looked like a little bit of a mess at times which was a little concerning given how good they’re supposed to be on paper. I can only hope that they were just getting all the messiness out of the way yesterday before the games start counting!

Curtis: I do have to say the defense looked a lot better with Dop in net and got shakier as they went on, which I think is partially due to the rebounds the backup goalies were letting up.

Laura: Fair, fair. And I do think it’s clear that Dop will be the goalie this season.
The offense was definitely taking chances which was good to see. I do think BC has a lot of sophomores who could have real breakout seasons on offense.

Curtis: The offense was really good at maintaining possession in the AIC zone! Struggled at times to get quality scoring looks, but that’s pretty typical of a Jerry York team these days.

Laura: I truly cannot help but laugh that this team still cannot score on the power play though, yikes.

Maithri: That honestly concerns me a lot even though it’s also a bit hilarious — they had so many power play chances and I was hoping they’d get at least one goal but it seemed like they were making far too many passes and not shooting the puck. That feels like it’s been a problem for a while though.

Steve: Laura I think your point about the sophomores might be the biggest factor in how high this teams ceiling is outside of the goaltending. They just lost so much up front from last year. If a guy like Nesterenko or Ambrosio can step up and be part of a legitimate first line we could have a fun season. If they’re still middle of the lineup kind of guys, things could get dicey.
The power play has been bad for like half a decade now and yeah, you really can only laugh after a certain point

Laura: 100% agree. The season really hinges on what offense Ambrosio and Nesterenko and Kuntar can add to McLaughin’s and hopefully McBain’s.

Maithri: Speaking of McBain, he casually had a three point game yesterday — I realize that it was an exhibition, but I would love to see him break out even more than he did last year!

Laura: It felt like he was constantly right of the verge of really having a moment last season and it just never happened.

Curtis: I also have to speak positively of Ambrosio from yesterday’s game. He was all over the ice trying to make plays, which is super important given we lost our top playmakers this offseason. Of course it also resulted in a couple penalties in the process, but that can get cleaned up.

Maithri: Yes definitely! I also think that once he starts to finish his chances he has a real opportunity to step up and lead this offense.

Steve: Yeah I think he’s the guy who can really break out this year.

Curtis: He showed it in flashes last year, but he certainly has the skillset to be a great player and take the next step, he just needs to focus on finishing his opportunities like Maithri said. I can remember multiple instances of him making a big play, getting the breakaway, then shooting about 5 feet over the net.

Steve: Yeah he had a knack for getting behind the defense and not finishing haha

Laura: How are you all feeling about this weekend? I think Holy Cross should definitely be winnable. Quinnipiac will be tough, especially coming off an exhibition game blowout… although to be fair, that blowout was against Maine lol

Arthur: I think there’s a lot we don’t know. Holy Cross I have penciled as a win. Quinnipiac is a toss up, and what concerns me is that Rand Pecknold always emphasizes possession, his teams are always some of the most CORSI forward teams in the country, and for a team still figuring out its defense that could be a problem.

Curtis: I think this team has the potential to actually be pretty good (like top-15) but it’s going to take a while for them to find their footing. Or maybe they won’t find their footing at all. Either way, my expectations are low this weekend because they still need to develop and figure some stuff out. I expect a win against Holy Cross, though.