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BC Interruption Player of the Week: Women’s Hockey’s Abigail Levy

USA - Education - Boston College Photo by Rick Friedman/Corbis via Getty Images

Thanks to her major role in BC starting the season 2-0, BC women’s hockey goalie Abigail Levy is BC Interruption’s Player of the Week this week.

The Eagles won both of their games against Penn State over the weekend by scores of 2-1, winning in overtime on Thursday night and in regulation on Friday. Only allowing 1 goal a game is a solid enough outcome for a goalie, but it becomes even more impressive when you look at Levy’s actual numbers.

On Thursday night, Levy made an outstanding 36 saves. And while the game went to overtime, the Eagles scored a minute into overtime and Levy saw only 1 shot on goal, so 35 of those saves were in regulation.

On Friday evening, Levy again made an impressive number of saves, this time stopping 33 shots on goal in 3 period of play. Levy also made 15 saves in one period (the second) on Friday, her most in any period this weekend.

Levy didn’t quite match her career high this weekend (she made 45 saves against Ohio State last March), but totaling 69 saves over 2 games is very, very nice.

2021-22 BC Interruption Players of the Week

Abigail Levy, Women’s Hockey: 10/4

Pat Garwo III, Football: 9/27

Sarah Johnson, Field Hockey: 9/20