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Clemson 19, Boston College 13: Jeff Hafley postgame press conference

Boston College v Clemson Photo by Jacob Kupferman/Getty Images

After last night’s devastating 19-13 loss to Clemson in Death Valley, Boston College head coach Jeff Hafley addressed the media.

Video of the presser is below; below that, we’ll share some highlighted quotes.

Opening statement

“Credit to Clemson, Coach Swinney and his staff did a nice job; congratulations to them. Proud of our guys, they came out here in a tight environment... had a chance to take it in the fourth. I could have coached a better game. Proud of our players - we’re a team. There’s no pointing fingers, there’s none of that. We’ll stick together and we’ll be better, and we can play with anybody. Hurt right now, but we’ll be back.”

On ‘knocking on the door’ of Clemson and getting over the hump

“We’ve gotta beat ‘em. They executed better than we did at the end of the game. We’ve got to finish. We get to play them every year, so we’ve got to get them next year - hopefully I’ll do a better job.”

On his conversation with Jason Maitre before his big sack in the 4th quarter

“I told him I wanted him to start deep, walk down and get to the quarterback... then he actually had to go make a great play and he did. He gets all the credit. He gave us a chance to win the game at the end.”

On BC getting to the Clemson QB

“It was a little bit of everything. Tim called a great game, we stayed a step ahead, and did a bunch of different things after the first couple of drives. What a great effort by the defense. Proud of those guys, and I thought Tim and the staff did a really nice job.”

On communication issues with the false starts and the last snap

“It was loud. It was really loud. As much as I thought we prepared for the noise - this was the first time in two years we’ve been in an environment like this. Certainly we can do a better job preparing; that falls on me. But it was loud, the crowd did a nice job. I’m not using that as an excuse, we need to handle it. But that certainly affected it.”

On the opening drive of the third quarter, BC’s quick touchdown

“We drew up a couple of play action passes, Frank had it dialed up, halftime adjustments were on point and we went right down the field. It was a 10 point swing (after the first half field goal), and that put is in position to win the game at the end.”

Assessment of special teams

“You just said it. We blocked a punt, we flipped the field. Special teams kept is in the game, we played really well on special teams today.”