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The Idiot’s Guide to Week 9

COLLEGE FOOTBALL: OCT 20 Coastal Carolina at Appalachian State Photo by Joe Robbins/Icon Sportswire via Getty Images

The Idiot’s Guide is back from hiatus, and boy did we miss a lot of idiocy. From Tennessee’s fans throwing garbage on the field to... well I don’t think we’re going to get much more idiotic than that.

But now we’re back! And we’ve got some #takes to go through.

Thursday, October 28th

Coastal Carolina over Troy: App State ruined us of the dream of a Sun Belt team sniffing the playoffs. But onwards and upwards. Coastal still has a shot at a big bowl game.

Saturday, October 30th

Georgia over Florida: I still don’t understand the benefit of giving away your best home game each year to a neutral site. I don’t care that I’m a Yankee that doesn’t get it- it always was and is a dumb idea.

Cincinnati over @ Tulane: Cincinnati may go through the rest of their schedule without a serious competitor.

Michigan State over Michigan: Jim Harbaugh needs to blow this season somehow, it’s who he is as a person.

Iowa over @ Wisconsin: This was a tempting upset pick, and honestly Wisconsin is a favorite right now. I’m not convinced Wisconsin can win a big game.

Baylor over Texas: I’m pretty sure that Texas’ main export are Bucc-ee’s and false hope about the Longhorns.

Pittsburgh over Miami: I, for one, welcome our new Panther overlords.

Iowa State over @ West Virginia: This is a streamed game, which, lol.

Oklahoma over Texas Tech: Despite a complete mess of a season, it looks like Oklahoma is going to make it in, huh.

Oregon over Colorado: Oregon is really regretting that loss earlier in the season now aren’t they.

Wake Forest over Duke: No, you read that right. Wake Forest is, in fact, 13th in the country.

Ole Miss over @ Auburn: Lane Kiffin keeping that golf ball is the least idiotic thing he could do.

Mississippi State over Kentucky: Kentucky is one of those teams that may or not actually be good, if I actually cared enough to watch them maybe I would have an opinion.

Oklahoma State over Kansas: Is it worse to be hanging with Oklahoma only to lose or just lose outright? Asking for a friend.

SMU over @ Houston: Poor SMU. After getting the death penalty and slowly working their way back to legitimacy they’ll have to play in a conference with three teams with the name “Owl.”

Ohio State over Penn State: Penn State may not win another game this season. That means their hope died the moment Illinois won that game in 9OT. Ya hate to see it.

North Carolina over @ Notre Dame: This is a game where Notre Dame gets exposed.

BYU over Virginia: This is a good out of conference matchup in the middle of the year. More of this please.

San Diego State over Fresno State: Which star on the flag is Fresno? Also, which one is San Diego while we’re at it?