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Jeff Hafley has “made a decision” about Dennis Grosel’s starting role at Boston College

Clearly the pressure has meant something

NCAA Football: North Carolina State at Boston College Paul Rutherford-USA TODAY Sports

Boston College starting QB Dennis Grosel has struggled over the course of the Eagles’ current 3-game losing streak, to the point where many Eagles fans (and some of the media at Hafley’s press conferences) are discussing the possibility of a change at QB, despite none of the backups having any meaningful college football experience.

This has left the BC coaching staff with a decision to make about how to move forward at QB.

Today, Boston College head football coach Jeff Hafley told the media that he has “made a decision, which I’ve thought about really hard” about BC’s “quarterback situation.”

The full quote reads: “I feel good with the quarterback situation. I’ve made a decision, which I’ve thought about really hard. And I watched a lot of tape myself and then obviously with the staff. And we’ve made a decision. And we feel really good about it, and the team knows about it. And I think, for obvious reasons, I’m going to keep that at that until we get on the field and play.”

Hafley went on to talk about the difficulty of this decision: “Not hard once I really dove in hard and kinda unpeeled things. I thought it would be a lot harder than it actually was, to be honest with you. So, not very hard.”

To this writer, it seems like Grosel is here to stay at least for this week. If the decision was really “not very hard” after Hafley and his staff “watched a lot of tape,” that seems to suggest that they believe Grosel still is exhibiting abilities in-game that can maintain his role as the Boston College starting QB.

A decision to bench Grosel, a 6th-year player with lots of starting experience, in favor of a much more inexperienced QB, seems like it would be much harder to do, and would be based less on film than on practice performance. But we shall see.

Either way, we’ll find out who’s under center on Saturday afternoon when Boston College takes on the Syracuse Orange at the Carrier Dome.