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Boston College Football vs Louisville: Observations

Eagles get run over by Cardinals

Boston College v Louisville Photo by Andy Lyons/Getty Images

Last week was all about resetting expectations for the BC football team, and the Eagles loss yesterday was confirmation that fans were right to do so. The Eagles had their opportunities to get back into this game but never seemed to take advantage.

The defense stepped up for the Eagles this week and, despite giving up 331 rushing yards, kept BC in the game, forcing four turnovers.

BC has not faced a true duel threat QB like Malik Cunningham this year. or at least not one with his agility and speed - and it showed in how much trouble they had containing him. However, it is hard to ask much more of this defensive unit when they kept the Eagles in the game and gave the Eagles’ offense so many opportunities.

Meanwhile, the offense sputtered yet again in a very frustrating performance.

The Eagles seemed to have the right formula on the opening drive with short passing plays and running the ball but then they started trying to hit the deep ball again and Grosel just hasn’t been consistent with those types of throws. The defense began bringing the heat and challenging Grosel to throw it past them and he just couldn’t do it.

I am not sure if Jeff Hafley and Frank Cignetti are hoping Grosel will improve or just refuse to give up on the deep ball but at this point in the season they should know what he does and doesn’t do well and explosive plays deep downfield are just not in his wheel-house.

The debate this week will surely be how much does BC need to mix up their offensive strategy going forward? BC could’ve pulled a win out if the offense had executed in a few key moments but would it have even had those opportunities if the defense hadn’t played so well. Asking the defense to force two plus turnovers a game, every game, is too much to ask for any defense and the offense needs to find a much consistent rhythm. As I’ve said before this Eagles team currently needs the game to go a certain way in order for them to have a chance to win: the defense forcing turnovers and Grosel making one or two good throws and no bad ones. This is a formula that is just not reliable.

Eagles are on the road again next week against Syracuse still looking for their first ACC win.