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Boston College Men’s Basketball Preseason Banter

COLLEGE BASKETBALL: FEB 27 Notre Dame at Boston College Photo by Fred Kfoury III/Icon Sportswire via Getty Images

Laura: How are people feeling as we head into the season with BC predicted to be last in the ACC?

Will: Nowhere to go but up. The silver lining is that Earl Grant is really getting a clean slate. There’s a story about what happened at the end of last season and over the course of the season. All those transfers.


At least for this year. We need to be ready for a rough year and also acknowledge that a rough year is ok when doing a profound rebuild.

Curtis: This team came last in the ACC last season. And then on top of that, they lost 5 of their top 7 players to the transfer portal or graduation. So expectations rightfully are on the floor and BC fans should be prepared for a miserable slog of a season. But at least expectations are so low for Earl Grant that he will be given some time to build this program in his own vision. Any success he manages to find this year will be a welcomed surprise.

Will: I like the metaphor. This season could be like a brush fire and clear out all the bad juju from the past few seasons. The program needs a fresh start.

Laura: Yea I hope fans give Grant a little bit of time instead of calling for him to be fired after the first couple losses lol. I can’t say I was particularly inspired by his hiring, but I definitely understand that he’s got an uphill battle that can’t be fixed immediately.

Curtis: I have to admit I got a good chuckle from those people after this hire demanding Pat Kraft be fired. But, yes, exactly. I’m all in on Grant for the next 3 years to see what he can do. This will be a long process.

Will: I have hope for Grant. He comes off as a grinder which is what the program needs. I think it was better for BC to hire a coach with smaller school experience.

Peter: Yeah I think the best word to describe this year is abysmal. I would set the O/U of ACC wins this season at three and probably lean the under. The silver lining to this season is that this going to be the start of the Grant coaching era which could bring with it the potential for a lot of upside. Right now, this is a building year where Grant can feel out the ACC competition, work with the guys he’s got and start to redevelop the program. It is just going to come with a TON of growing pains and some of these losses are going to be extremely difficult to watch and cover lol. Both in a gambling perspective and just keeping my eyeballs glued to the TV.
I am curious to see how Grant’s first recruits pan out though!

Curtis: Peter touched on it a bit, but what are our expectations for Earl Grant’s first year? My basic hope is that they win at least 2 ACC games, and that their recent recruits (Prince Aligbe, Donald Hand, etc) don’t de-commit.

Arthur: I’ll settle for tolerable basketball. I realize that this sounds really negative, but I covered the team through the down years of Jim Christian. Being respectable would be an accomplishment, and should be celebrated as such.