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HALFTIME: Clemson 13, Boston College 6

Boston College v Clemson Photo by Jacob Kupferman/Getty Images

We’ve got a glass half full/glass half empty situation at halftime for Boston College — the Eagles trail the Clemson Tigers 13-6 at halftime, after a half in which Clemson had opportunities to blow it open early in the game.

After Clemson ripped off a long run for an early touchdown to go up 7-0, the Eagles’ defense epitomized “bend but don’t break,” allowing two field goals on lengthy Clemson drives that pushed in to the red zone.

BC struggled to get anything going offensively for most of the game, but rattled off a lengthy drive in the final 5 minutes of the second quarter to get in to range for a Connor Lytton field goal, his second of the game.

BC trails 13-6, which is not a bad score considering the yardage — Clemson has 261 total yards compared to 140 for BC.

Dennis Grosel is 9-for-16 with an interception, though he seemed to be finding a bit of a rhythm on the final drive of the half.

BC will receive the kickoff to start the second half.