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Homefield Apparel drops Boston College line

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DISCLAIMER: Sponsored post. All opinions solely my own.

If you’re familiar with Homefield Apparel, you’ve probably (like me) been jealous as Homefield came out with a new line of throwback swag for school after school this year, but not BC. I was particularly jealous when they made the truly perfect Minnesota shirt - an image of Goldy the Gopher spinning his head.

Thankfully, there’s no need to be jealous any more - Homefield has dropped its line of Boston College shirts, and they are, as expected, gloriojs.

Homefield makes sweet, vintage college apparel by digging through program history to find thoughtful historical references, logos, and symbols.

I particularly liked this design, a callback to an early rendering of BC’s eagle logo from the leather helmet days. They also have a sweet gray shirt with the academic seal (I’m a sucker for the academic seal), and a design featuring the angry-looking old school eagle that has made an appearance on some hats at the BC bookstore. Also love the Gasson Hall shirt, naturally

I love any attempt to lean in to BC’s history and these shirts provide a great opportunity to do that.

If you’re interested in purchasing Homefield’s BC apparel, you can buy them online at Homefield’s website, and first time customers can use promo code BCINTERRUPTION for 15% off their order!